About Konnekta Mining Projects SMPP & EI

KONNEKTA MINING Projects is a well-established and empowered company that contributes a wealth of experience to the construction industry. We are a specialist project management construction company, working in the supply and installation of Structural, Mechanical, Piping, Platework, Electrical & Instrumentation Fields. 

The active participation of Senior Management, who have a personal stake in the company, ensure that your project receives the best attention at all times. This unyielding dedication to the successful execution of your project ensures that your safety, quality, time and cost goals are achieved.

Our well established network of suppliers,  sub-contractors and our project management controls, ensures that our time delivery commitments are kept for projects of all magnitude.

Our core competent teams ensure that your project is executed on time and to your satisfaction.

Our continued safety record is a source of pride, which demonstrates our commitment and dedication to ensuring a safe working environment for all our employees.

KONNEKTA MINING Projects is socially and economically aware of  the inequalities that may exist in our company and in South Africa as a whole and we are fully committed to re address these needs.

We view BEE as an integral part of South Africa’s growth and development plan and believe BEE must be implemented in a coordinated and integrated manner as recommended by the Black Economic Empowerment Commission.

As one step towards BEE empowerment Level 2

We recognise that our Human Resources are our greatest asset, comprehensive training program is in place to enhance skills, and develop talent. We encourage our employees to embark on a journey of self-improvement and skills development.

mineral process mining construction is our specialty. We help meet process plant construction completion dates on time and within budget targets while reducing plant construction costs. At the same project we also improve a safe, sustainable, economic minerals processing operation. Konnekta Mining projects process plant construction engineers are qualified and highly experienced getting the project completed within time and budget, construction of minerals processing plants. These plants are sometime in remote and difficult environment, The plant designers work with our construction engineers to build a safe, efficient, long lasting, low maintenance process plant. Our team of engineers also provide after completion construction assistance.

Our Pride - Our Team
 project managers and engineers have a wealth of experience in the mine construction field.
Scans 2000 meter ahead & 40 meters Deep for Gold & Diamonds